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Frequently Asked Questions

I like the videos you use in the courses but first of all the video takes me out of the course and secondly some of the videos start with an advert. Can you help me with this?

All of our videos open in a separate window so once you have watched them all you need to do is click back on to the course tab at the top of your screen. If you start a video and notice that it has an advert that you don’t want to sit through then click on the ignore advert button.


I wanted to move backwards a page on the course so I pressed the back arrow on my laptop and the course disappeared, what did I do wrong?

It’s important that you remember not to use the usual back arrow as this will mean that you are likely to come totally out of the course. Use the forward and backwards arrow at the bottom right of the course only, this will ensure you can scroll forwards and backwards through the course safely.


I lost the course mid-through working through it, I hit the wrong back arrow, what should I do next?

Don’t worry, read the question above and having done it once you hopefully remember that the way to navigate through the course is by only using the arrows at the bottom right of the screen. You can easily get back in to where you were though. Log back in as normal and the system will ask if you wish to resume where you left off. Click yes and you will be back where you left the course.


I’m experiencing technical issues, I suspect it’s the computer I’m using but I’m not sure, any ideas?

We suggest that everyone considers our minimum system requirements prior to signing up for a course. This can be found here. Once you’re using the course you can check your broadband speed which may explain if the course seems to be running slowly by using Broadband checker (http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk/).


I’m keen to gain an ILM Leadership & Management qualification online, do your courses cover this?

Currently our courses are all stand-alone courses based on the ILM level 3 in Leadership & Management syllabus but the courses are not accredited by ILM. We are working hard behind the scenes to hopefully address this and once we can offer the full ILM qualification on line our website will reflect that.


I’ve enjoyed doing the courses you offer and would like to be notified of future course releases, how do I do this?

We’re delighted you’ve enjoyed your Xenonex Academy courses and would love you to consider further titles once they become available. To be placed on our Academy mailing list to receive information about future course titles being released and updates to our programmes etc please email us (enquiries@xenonex.co.uk) and we’ll keep in touch.